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Selling Your Own Home - Things to Consider

 Selling home Selling Raleigh Home For Sale by Owner

The Commission
The #1 reason most people try to sell their home themselves is to Save the Commission.

As you look at all that is involved in selling a home - time, marketing, advertising, and showings - put pen to paper to see how much you will really save.

Are you going to pay the buyer's agent a commission for bringing a buyer? How much commission are you really saving if you do?

How motivated will agents be to show your home if they will not be paid for their work?

If a buyer is working alone and has to learn the buying process, drive around and find the neighborhoods, find the homes, view the homes, write and negotiate the contract, locate financing, arrange the inspections, and coordinate the closing - on their own rather than using an agent, don't you think that the buyer will want to save the commission - instead of letting you save it?

Attracting Buyers
The most common problem that homeowners run into is Attracting Buyers.

Attracting potential buyers does not just happen. The days of putting up a sign in your yard and selling your home are long gone.

For a home to sell at an appropriate price, with the most advantageous terms and in an acceptable time frame requires intense marketing.

Accommodating Buyers
Setting up and being there for showing your home to buyers is usually problematic for owners.

Buyers do not like to wait. If you can't show your home when they want to see it - they go to the next home

Sellers often have to take time off from work and change personal and social commitments to show their homes.

Sellers also struggle with separating lookers from qualified buyers. Sellers are not able to pre-qualify potential buyers and sales can fall through because of that.

Safety is another important issue when dealing with buyers. It is a sad to have to worry about safety in your own home but it is a reality. You are opening your door to strangers, often without any body knowing about it but you.

There are cases where criminals have posed as buyers in order to "case" a home to see if there is anything worth stealing. By asking simple questions they can find out when you will be gone and whether there is a security system.

While a real estate agent is not exempt from such strategies, we are better prepared to handle them. Meeting a prospect at the real estate office where others can see the person often will discourage them because they can be identified. Another common requirement is too make prospects provide a copy of their driver's license and keep it on file.

Handle Objections
Homeowners are not versed in Handle Objections from buyers.

They really don't have the correct responses to comments like "I want to think it over", "the price is too high", "we don't have enough cash for the down payment and closing costs", and "we're probably going to rent for a while longer."

Pricing is a challenge for most sellers because they don't have all of the necessary information. This would include things like:

• sales in your area in the past 3, 6, 12 months to identify the selling trend
• an absorption study to see the best place to position a home for sale
• the length of time homes in the area it takes homes to sell
• the percentage of asking price to actual sale price in your area
• the number of homes that failed to sell and information on those homes

All this information can be provided to you by a real estate agent as part of their pricing packet. They can also discuss various pricing strategies and the suggest ones that would be most beneficial to you.

Are you familiar with all the advertising venues, print media, appropriate internet portals, etc.?

Do you have a prominent local real estate web site that attracts buyers?

Homeowners without the benefit of a real estate professional are limited by placing a single ad in the paper, a single for sale sign, a Craig's list ad, and their occasional open house.

A real estate agent has a collection of promotional efforts to attract buyers. They include all of their different ads in the paper, all of the different for sale signs, every open house they hold, past customers and clients, company contacts, agent contacts, institutional advertising, referral organizations, Multiple Listing Service, virtual tours and multiple Internet portals.

Buyers usually need help obtaining financing.

It is important to be able to advise buyers about different loan programs and where they can be found.

A knowledge of the requirements and limitations of these different programs is necessary to help advise the buyers.

Having a financial software program or a financial calculator to provide analyses makes these decision easy for buyers.

They can see how much they qualify for, what the tax advantages and investment potential are, and compare different loans.

The Reality of Buyers
The majority of buyers, four out of five, purchase their home through a professional real estate agent. Less than one out of ten actually purchase directly from an owner.

This means that, assuming your marketing exposure is as effective as the entire real estate community, your market will only be 10% of the total.

That being said, Ed and Erin make their living doing this, so they definitely know all the secrets of successfully marketing your home.

Ed and Erin are very easy to talk to, not at all pushy and truly interested in helping their clients.

They would be happy to talk to you about your home and provide you a no-obligation estimate of it's current value.

Other things to consider when selling your Raleigh home are Raleigh Seller Closing Costs, Raleigh FSBO Headaches and Pricing your Home to Sell.

If you have questions about Selling a Raleigh home or any Homes In Raleigh,
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